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Subject: Liberty Defense Perimeter Falls


At 0530 hours on May 28th, the Chimera launched an all out assault on the southern
border of the Liberty Defense Perimeter. By 0640 the ships had breached the
perimeter. Estimated casualties from the assault are in excess of 63 million. The fleet
blanketed the protection camps with both crawlers and spinner pods, infecting the
majority of the civilian population within hours. The Chimera began using carriers to
transport many of the infected victims to conversion centers in gray territory.

We estimated there are currently seven million survivors scattered across the country.
Over two million of them are located in the Baton Rouge protection camp, which
survived the aerial assault. We are continuing to relocate survivors to Baton Rouge via
convoy. Military personnel and all remaining mobile artillery have been assigned to
protect Baton Rouge. Fortunately, the fleet has largely ceased its attack since the
assault on the perimeter. The ships are now hovering above the towers across the
country. Analysts believe they may be awaiting orders from Daedalus before executing
the next phase of their plan.