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The Rossmore 239 Shotgun[1] is received from Dr. Malikov in Wrightsburg where both Malikov and Joseph Capelli were on their way towards the Mississippi River after they passed the partial-devoured corpse of the Kraken. The Rossmore is a sturdy, effective shotgun. Its powerful buckshot spread makes it ideal for close-quarters fighting against multiple enemies. It can hold eight shotgun shells for its primary fire, and three concussion grenades. The Rossmore is not effective at longer distances, except if the player uses the secondary fire which has been added to the gun for longer range combat by Malikov.

It is reclaimed by picking one up from the corpse of a Warden who wielded it in the showers in Gratersford Prison.


  • Combustion Rounds: Fires incendiary rounds, causing additional fire damage to enemies.
  • Arsonist Grenade: Fires a powerful incendiary grenade, allowing some enemies to catch fire.


A sturdy, effective combat shotgun. Its powerful buckshot makes it ideal for
close-quarters fighting against multiple enemies. Not effective at longer distances.

R1 - Fires a blast of buckshot pellets in a close spread pattern.
R2 - Fires a concussion grenade that explodes on contact.



  • Upgrading the Rossmore at least once improves the iron sights, giving it a rear ring sight and more prominent front sight.
  • Un-upgraded the Rossmore 239 appears similar in design to the Winchester Model 12 Trench Gun.