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The Rossmore 236 Combat Shotgun is a combat shotgun with devastating stopping power and used by the British Army for base defense and urban warfare, and it is worth noting its ruinous damage, especially in close quarters engagements. The Rossmore 236 is exclusive to Resistance: Fall of Man.

The Rossmore is acquired in Grimsby "Fate Worse Than Death", under the stairs in the Chimeran Conversion Center, after destroying four Chimeran laser mines. The Rossmore fires a single round shot and its secondary fire allows it to fire a double-barrel shot at one time; however, each shot is weaker and less efficient to compensate for the fact that both barrels are used. This attack requires a longer time to recover from, but increases the odds of hitting an enemy from farther away.


Single Player

  • The Rossmore 236 is useful on all difficulties including hard and superhuman. This shotgun is very adept in dispatching enemies that charge the player, notably Grey Jacks, Howlers, Leapers, and Rollers.


  • The Rossmore 236 is a real brawler's weapon. It is terrible at distance, but close range it is exceedingly potent. It can only carry eighteen shells, but that's more than enough to inflict a lot of punishment on multiple foes. The single shot (primary fire) can kill any enemy in two shots as one full hit can do approx 75% of an opponent's health. It also has a relatively quick firing rate when compared to the amount of damage it can do.
  • The double shot is lethal when used by a Chimera player, as it will instant kill if good contact is made. This isn't the case when used by a Human though, and when the increased lag between shots is also added to the equation, double shot should be avoided when playing as a Human.


The Rossmore 236 Combat
Shotgun is employed by the
British Army for base
defense and urban warfare.
It is noted for its potent
stopping power, especially
in close-quarters
engagements. Since the
Chimeran invasion, soldiers
have found the shotgun very
adept in dispatching Howlers.
Pressing L1 discharges both
barrels. This method is less
efficient than firing the
barrels singly, but using it
effectively can sometimes
mean the difference between
life and death.



  • It is still unknown how the double-barreled mechanism on the Rossmore line works mechanically. A possible theory could be, that it takes the under-over concept of the Weatherby Olympia shotgun, while retaining the pump action nature of the M1897/1912 Winchester Trench Gun it may be based from.
  • The Rossmore 236 bears a striking resemblance to the Winchester Model 12 Trench Gun or the Winchester Model 10A Trench Gun.
  • Despite its apparent exclusivity in Resistance: Fall of Man, the Rossmore 236 has appeared several other times, such as in various novels, glitches in Resistance 2 (not to be confused with the 238 model). It also makes a cameo appearance in Resistance 3, where several can be seen in Dale's armory in Haven.
  • The weapon is an excellent example of the trope 'Shotguns are simply beast' given the combat applications of Rossmore's throughout the series.