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Dr. Richard P. Feynman (b. May 11, 1918) was a SRPA scientist who studied on the Gray Tech components under Project Prometheus, stationed at SRPA 7. Feynman made major intriguing discoveries on the components, ranging from long-range communications based on his theories of quantum electrodynamics between the components from SRPA 7 in Boulder, Colorado to SRPA 8 in Cincinnati, Ohio; and creating a "super-computing machine".[1][2]

On June 11th, 1953, Feynman was paid by a visit from Dr. Fyodor Malikov in SRPA 11. The two shared their theories on the relationship between the Gray Tech, the Chimera and their recent actions over the Chicxulub Crater following the fall of the United States. Feynman grew to like Malikov and became fascinated by his theories about the Chimeran tower network and their purpose of creating a "distortion bubble" in time and space that could transport large objects over arbitrary distances in space.

After Malikov left abruptly to see a comatose patient, Feynman was left wondering about Malikov's "distortion bubble" theory and postulated that the Chimeran towers to be some part of a grandeur scheme for Earth as a "sort of interstellar battle station" in a larger war between the original Chimera and another alien race millions of years ago. But Feynman shrugged his thoughts on these matters as "merely wild theories and suppositions."[3]

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