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"We must realize that if we are to defeat the Chimera, no sacrifice is too great."
―Richard Gorrell[src]

Richard Gorrell was a SRPA scientist and the main antagonist in Resistance: Burning Skies.


Richard Gorrell was the head researcher of SRPA Station Kali on Ellis Island. There, Gorrell researched Gray Tech artifacts and discovered their ability to control the Chimera; in which he then realized the potential it could be use in the Chimeran war effort by having a tamed army of Chimera fighting against its own species. However, some members of the military establishment such as Colonel George Amherst viewed Gorrell's project as, according to one researcher, "ethically reprehensible" and too costly to be spent on.[1][2] Furthermore, many of the experiments with the Gray Tech components in controlling captured Chimera only worked temporarily before frying the subject.

Resistance: Burning Skies[]

Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez stumble upon one of Gorrell's mysterious shipments in Staten Island. Colonel George Amherst informed the two of Gorrell and his desire for Gray Tech. On Ellis Island, Tom and Ellie discover an instructional film created by Gorrell. The film reveals Gorrell's reprehensible plans to convert humans into Chimera. Closer inspection of the film revealed that Gorrell's next target was a protection camp in Union City. Unfortunately, Tom and Ellie were too late as the assault on the camp has already begun.

The two then traveled to a conversion tower, where the humans along with Tom's family from the protection camp are being taken there, in hopes of finding Gorrell. Tom eventually tracked down Gorrell, who was attempting to control an unfinished Leviathan. As Gorrell tries to justify his actions, calling Project Phoenix "humanity's last hope," the Leviathan broke free from the scientist's control and forcing Tom to kill the rampaging beast while Gorrell flees. After Tom killed the Leviathan he is ambushed by a frustrated Gorrell. In an act of self-defense, Tom kills Gorrell with his Fire Axe.