Resistance Wiki

The Resistance 3 Signature Series Guide is a strategy guide for Resistance 3. It was published by BradyGames on September 9, 2011.


A Brief History of Resistance[]

  • A summary of the Resistance timeline leading to the events of Resistance 3.

The Battle Rages On[]

  • Game Basics:
    • Controls
    • Game Screen
    • Combat Training
    • Cooperative Mode

The War is Over[]

  • The Faces of Resistance: Description of the characters in the game.

Story Mode[]

  • A basic walkthrough of all chapters of the game. Each level includes:
    • Objectives
    • Journals
    • Maps
    • Weapons
    • Brief descriptions of new enemies


  • Multiplayer Menu
  • Staging Area
  • Multiplayer Game Screen
  • Multiplayer Pause Menu
  • Modes of Mayhem
  • Match Setting
  • XP Rewards, Scoring, and Ribbons
  • Map-Specific Strategy


  • The Armory: List of all weapons, multiplayer abilities and attributes.
  • Enemy Journals (Bestiary): List of enemies.
  • Medals and Trophies: All achievements earned in the Story Mode campaign and multiplayer.
  • Shops: Game cheats, skins, and concept art.