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This page contains a list of weapons that appear in Resistance: Burning Skies.

Fire Axe[]

The Fire Axe is a melee weapon and Tom Riley's default weapon.

M5A2 Folsom Carbine[]

The M5A2 Folsom Carbine is the standard weapon of choice for all US soldiers and resistance members. It is the third obtained weapon after Tom Riley killed the several Leapers in the sewers before he joins Ellie Martinez and the resistance fighters. It also has a grenade launcher on it.


The Bullseye is the Chimeran standard weapon of choice for Hybrids and Longlegs and the first obtained weapon after Tom Riley killed the Longlegs.


The Auger is a Chimeran energy rifle that is used by Steelheads.

Fragmentation Grenade[]

The Fragmentation Grenade is the standard secondary weapon of choice for all US soldiers and resistance members. It's the first obtained grenade after rescuing the woman trapped inside the office.

Hedgehog Grenade[]

The Hedgehog Grenade is a weapon which serves as a mine. Once an enemy has crossed it, it will trigger a deadly explosion.


The Sixeye is a single-shot, long-ranged Chimeran sniper rifle of choice for "Scout" Hybrid. It has the ability to fire explosive "Burr Charge" tags.


The Hunter is a three-burst firing Chimeran rifle of choice for Advanced Hybrid and the counterpart of Marksman from Resistance 2.


The Mauler is a Chimeran heavy machine gun.


The Mule is a shotgun that is combined with a crossbow which is used by the Minutemen and the second obtained weapon after Zach killed the Hybrid before he died from gunshot wounds.


The Sw.A.R.M. is a 4-shot repeating rocket launcher made by SRPA. Its secondary fire has a lock-on function that targets up to four enemies.