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Ellis Turner, Charlie Tent and two other members of the Remnants.

The Remnants are a resistance group led by Charlie Tent and are based in St. Louis, Missouri. As their name suggests, they are a group of human survivors, and, unlike other survivors, take more direct attacks on the Chimera.


Founded sometime after the fall of the United States in 1953, the Remnants were founded by Charlie Tent, who often recruited survivors to the group. Amongst these initial members included Ellis Turner, a pilot that Charlie had discovered and rescued. During these recruitment missions, Charlie often maintained his forged rank of Sergeant, fooling many members. However, the more experienced members eventually debunked his falsified rank.

Stationed in St. Louis, the Remnants launched a guerilla war against the Chimera, often taking direct action against them. This active combat did not sit well with some members of the group, with at least one member deciding to leave the group for fear that their action will get them killed.[1] Sometime before 1957, the group discovered an abandoned U/AV-17 Hawk. With Ellis repairing the VTOL, the Remnants were able to launch much quicker hit-and-run battles. However, this became limited when the Chimera deployed Stalkers and the VTOL became reliant on the power cores of the Chimeran dropships. This forced the Remnants to use their VTOL sparingly.

On August 11, 1957, the Remnants launched an attack on Chimeran forces in which they split up, with Glenda, Ellis and Martin taking the VTOL to launch an attack on Chimeran forces, while Charlie and the others distracted Stalker forces from targeting the VTOL. But the battle nearly turned awry, as the VTOL crew were forced to flee as Chimeran dropships began chasing them with the VTOL suffering heavy engine damaged. Forced to land near a bar, the VTOL crew became pinned down as Chimeran forces engaged them from the rooftops across the street.

Fortunately, the Remnants were then assisted by Joseph Capelli, who had witnessed the VTOL's crash-landing, and eliminated the Chimera. Eventually, they were forced to abandon the VTOL and retreated to their safe-house, where they reunited with Charlie. The Remnants came to an agreement with Capelli to provide penicillin for Doctor Malikov and transport to New York City in exchange for Capelli's help to ambush a Chimeran dropship and recover its power core for the group's VTOL. The Remnants' plan worked initially, but attracted unexpected Chimeran reinforcements and forcing the Remnants on the defensive. Some of the resistance members were killed before a feral Widowmaker entered the battle, allowing the Remnants to escape while the Military Chimera were focused on the Widowmaker. Capelli retrieved the power core and killing the Widowmaker in the process.

The Remnants repaired their VTOL, and Charlie and Ellis departed with Capelli and Malikov on their journey to New York.


As a resistance group, the Remnants lacked the numbers to combat the Chimera directly, and only resort to guerilla warfare against the occupiers.

The Remnants suffered severe losses, largely due to their consistent battles with Chimeran forces. Additionally, at least one member had previously deserted the group over their constant attacks on the Chimera.

Known Remnants[]


  • In early previews for Resistance 3, the Remnants were referred as a "gang of greasers".[2]


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