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Red Cooper was one of the Bosses of The Lucky Buckle Mine.

Red Cooper had originally been a correctional officer in a prison in Canon City, Colorado. Just before the Chimera invaded the state, all prison personnel were evacuated to The Lucky Buckle Mine, where the convicts were forced to mine for gold under the corrupt Warden Hiram Brewster and the correctional officers, were renamed Bosses and had to keep order over the convicts mining gold in tunnels.

On September 26th, 1953 Cooper assisted prisoner Susan Farley in informing Warden Brewster of Tunnel Four's collapse.


Cooper was described as middle-age and of medium height, with carrot-colored hair and a face like an Idaho Spud.


Even though, Brewster and other men, sexually assault the women in the mine, Cooper does not like the concept and even though he is very cowardly and fearful of Brewster, he chose to intervene and save Susan from enduring any more humiliation when Brewster's bodyguards Olsen and Pardo were sexually harassing her.