The Reaper Carbine is a duel-wielding weapon used exclusively by Slipskulls, and is only available to the player in the second playthrough of Resistance: Fall of Man. The Reaper Carbine has the advantage over other weapons in that it can held with one hand, allowing the player to duel-wield.

The Reaper is acquired in the first level of York, England during the second playthrough, hidden away down inside an alley before going through an archway. The weapon itself cannot be collected in the Co-op campaign due to the fact that in multiplayer, there are already two player controlled guns. The Reaper is very effective against Slipskulls, and good for plowing down groups of enemies. The primary fire will allow the player fire the right hand Reaper, while the secondary fire will fire the left hand Reaper.



Dual-wielding Reaper Carbines.

  • The Reapers can also fire and track targets independently much like the Bullseye, but it does not need to tag an enemy to do this, meaning that the Reaper is a better weapon in many situations than that of the Bullseye; furthermore, the weapons' auto-aim will not only target enemies, but they will aim at their heads making this a very effective weapon against Leapers or small groups of enemies.
  • The Reapers actually have an exceedingly useful purpose; as a melee weapon. Unlike all other weapons, since there are two Reapers, a melee hit actually strikes twice. This means enemies can be beat down in no time.
  • Since the Reapers are actually two guns, they can fire at two different targets. Once a target has been locked on, start firing with one gun, then aim at the second target and fire with the second gun. They will then fire at independent targets for mass carnage.