RM-3 Knuckle Duster

The RM-3 Knuckle-Duster seen in the inventory screen in Resistance: Retribution.

The RM-3 Knuckle-Duster was a knife introduced during the Great War for trench combat and proved itself so effective that it was still in use against the Chimera nearly forty years later. The RM-3 features a stiletto blade with deep piercing power, and double ground edges that provide superior sawing speed. The finger-shaped steel hand guard allows users to deliver fast crushing blows that incapacitate enemy combatants. It is exclusive to Resistance: Retribution. However, the only time it is used during the game is in cutscenes. When a Cloven attacks James Grayson in the Paris Catacombs he kills it with his Knuckle-Duster and in another cutscene, Grayson threatens Mallory with his Knuckle-Duster.