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A Queen Leaper is an advanced species of Leaper and is present in the Resistance 2 Co-op mode. Queen Leapers can be found in Bryce Canyon and in Chicago. They are at least 5 times bigger and have 10 times more health than the normal Leaper. They usually control an extremely large amount of Leapers, and are very agile for a creature of their size. Queen Leapers are presumably the Primarch or Overseer command unit for the Leapers.

It is strange that the Leapers have a command unit knowing that they transform into Rollers. It is unknown if the Queen Leaper can also transform into a command unit for the Rollers or if it remains in the same form for the rest of its life. It is also unknown how Queen Leapers are created knowing that Leapers transform from Crawlers, it is possible that they transform from a yet unseen Crawler command unit or they could be created the same way as any other Chimeran strain from the bodies of humans. Some people believe that they can control the minds of all the Leapers and Rollers. It is also theorized that Queen Leapers spawn Leaper Pods. (Witch are found in most areas dwelled by Feral Chimera such as in St. Louis)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is still unknown if the Queen Leaper is the largest type of Leaper.
  • It takes a lot of ammo to kill a Queen Leaper, if the player chooses the Soldier class.
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