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"Soon there will be no more humans, no more Chimera, only the purity of our kind."
"Can you hear them? They are calling to us. It is beautiful."
Daedalus, and later Nathan Hale.[src]

The "Pure Chimera" are the original species of the Chimera. A very ancient race that existed on Earth for over 60 million years, the original Chimera were the masterminds behind the Chimeran War and their intentions of claiming Earth at the cost of exterminating the human race. The Chimera encountered by humanity are merely parasitic organisms following the commands of their creators.


The original Chimera were presumed to have originated from another world and occupied Earth more than 60 million years ago, prior to the existence of humanity. At some point in time they came into a violent conflict with an unknown alien race which inevitably forced them to completely abandon the Earth and promptly vanish from history.

Before leaving Earth, it is believed that the "Pure Chimera" built the Chimeran Tower network and left the devices to be buried by time. It would be millions of years later, well into the twentieth century, before the Chimera began plotting to reclaim the Earth from the newly evolved inhabitants. The Pure Chimera are strongly implied to be at a severely weakened state or even on the brink of extinction due to the conflict with their unknown enemies and, as an act of desperation, sent the Chimeran virus to Earth in 1908.[1]

It is unknown how, but during the Chimera's invasion of Russia after 1908, Dr. Fyodor Malikov was able to collect specimens of Pure Chimeran DNA, which he would use to create the Cloven and later the Sentinels. Nathan Hale and Jordan Shepherd were injected with a special strain of Pure Chimeran DNA; Hale became semi-immune but later succumbed to the virus, while Shepherd was mutated into the Chimeran entity known as Daedalus and took command of the Chimera world-wide.[2]

The Chimera under Daedalus succeeded in their goals in overrunning Earth and activating the tower network that created a wormhole to the Pure Chimera's home planet. By using the power of the wormhole that channel into the tower network, the Chimera planned on using the network to terraform Earth into a hospitable environment for the Pure Chimera while wiping out the last vestiges of humanity.[3] By 1957, however, the Chimera's plans are irreversibly dashed by the actions of Joseph Capelli, who destroyed the wormhole and permanently cutting the Pure Chimera off from Earth.


The Pure Chimera are first mentioned and seen in Resistance 2, in Bryce Canyon. Their preserved bodies are curled up and encased in transparent egg-like containers within the Bryce Canyon Chimeran tower. The creatures seem to be about 12-13 feet (3.6-3.9 meters) long while uncurled, but this is not certain. They resemble long, segmented armored worms, with multiple eyes on their heads and sharp, shearing teeth. Their heads are similar in appearance to those of Hybrids.

A fossilized skeleton of a Pure Chimera can also be found in the mines of Mount Pleasant in Resistance 3. They also appear in New York City, inside one of the Chimeran structures. If look closely with the Deadeye or Marksman (level 2) you can see them in a curled up position in blue "containers". Despite how big they are in Resistance 2, the Pure Chimera in Resistance 3 are considerably smaller compared to a human.


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