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Phillips is a Black Ops corporal who appears only in the Cooperative Campaign of Resistance 2.

Deployed alongside his squad to support Specter Team during the events of Operation: Wrath of God in the Holar Tower, Phillips as the combat engineer of his squad, is the only member of his team who is able to access the vital areas of the Holar Tower. Shortly after arriving, his VTOL is shot down by Chimeran anti-air and his squad is quickly eliminated by Chimeran forces, in danger of being overrun, the nearby Specter Team was narrowly able to rescue him before Chimeran forces overran his position.

Throughout the mission, Phillips proved his decryption skills, often under heavy Chimeran fire, and after assisting the special forces team with their objectives, Phillips is eventually evacuated with the rest of the team following the success of Wrath of God.


  • Phillips was credited as a member of the development team on Resistance 2, as seen in the credits.
  • Medic is recommended choice since he's carrying the XR-42 Phoenix and can be use to heal Phillips if he's taking heavy fire from the Chimera.
  • Soldier is also recommended since he's carrying the HVAP Wraith and can be use to protect Phillips while he crack down the codes.
  • It is imperative that all players do their best to defend Phillips as the mission will fail should he die.