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Peter Sowers is one of twelve salt salesmen hailing from a community living under a salt mine located under Hutchinson, Kansas.

With survivors in increasing need for common table salt, the community under the salt mine realised that selling the salt was vital for their survival. Sowers became one of the twelve salesmen, each accompanied by two bodyguards, and it was his task to delver salt to existing customers and identify new ones.

During Late September, 1953, Sowers and his two bodyguards, Calvin and Ted, were ambushed by at least two hundred Leapers whilst heading to their rendezvous in Colby, Kansas leaving Sowers the only survivor. Finding himself on his own, with only one pack animal left and a few horses, Sowers decided to carry on to the rendezvous by himself and attempt to sell the remaining salt, however Bandits attacked him, stole his pack animal and remaining stock and left him beaten up and tied up to a telephone pole at a crossroads east of Goodlands, Kansas. Fortunately Joseph Capelli and Alvin Locke stumbled upon Sower's unconscious body, after resusitating him, they agreed to take him to the rendezvous in return for food.

Upon arriving at the rendezvous in Colby, Sowers spotted the Bandits selling his stock and took off after them leading to a standoff, which Sowers, with the help of Locke and Capelli, eventually won, albeit sustaining a left leg wound after the gunfight. Having recovered his pack animal and horses, Sowers bumped into fellow saleswoman Meg Bowers, who took him off of Capelli and Locke but not before Sowers had rewarded the pair with three horses for their troubles.

Physical Description[]

Peter Sowers had long lank hair and a narrow face.