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For the leader of Sentinel Team Alpha in Resistance (comics), see Murphy (Comic).
For the second-in-command of the 5th Ranger Battalion, see Murphy (Novel).

"Murphy delivered a salute with the riding crop."
―Patrick Murphy upon ending his first conversation with Joseph Capelli[src]

Patrick Murphy was a Packer and Wrangler who accompanied Joseph Capelli and Alvin Locke on part of their journey to Haven, Oklahoma.

Murphy met Capelli and Locke in Colby, Kansas on October 5th, 1953. Murphy bought the pair's spare horse and then offered Capelli and Locke a chance to ride with his fellow wranglers to Hoxie, Kansas.

After Murphy, his five fellow wranglers, including Cody, and their ten mules carrying eight hundred pounds of supplies left Colby with Capelli and Locke and ended up settling at a burnt out farmhouse. On the morning of October 6th, an unsuspected pack of Grims came out from underneath the farmhouse and mauled all of the Wranglers, Murphy being attacked as he lay in his sleeping bag. After the battle, Murphy alerted Capelli to his situation and told Joseph that he did not want to succumb to his wounds but knew that he was inevitably going to die. Murphy admitted that he and his wranglers had planned to murder Capelli and Locke for a stash of gold they had found in Alvin's bag the previous night. Capelli executed Murphy to stop his suffering.


Patrick Murphy is describes as a tall man, "with a ruddy complexion and a well-tended mustache".[1] He wore a "tweed hat, a shooting jacket, and knee-high riding boots".[2] Whilst keeping his double-barred pistol in a cross-draw holster and his knife in his boot. Murphy could have been an ex-soldier as Capelli overheard the wranglers chatting among themselves using phrases such as "roger that," "he's on the far side of the perimeter," and "what's for chow?". [3]


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