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Sponsored by the Congressional Committee for National
Approved by the Executive Branch
Seeking Final Ratification in the House of Representatives

September 3rd, 1951

Article 1.1
Due to the terrifying attacks on American soil beginning
August 14th of this year, President Grace has approved the
construction of a Liberty Defense Perimeter to span no less
than 4,500 miles in length. This will be a barrier that
links several hundred defense towers, each equipped with
high-powered weaponry and state-of-the-art invasion
detection technology.

Article 1.2
The surveying for said Perimeter has already been completed
through the concreted efforts of military and civilian
forces, working in conjunction with the Special Research
Projects Agency over the past two years.

Article 1.3
In order to break ground, we must immediately allocate 200
million U.S. dollars in additional funding for the Liberty
Defense Perimeter. The first leg of the fortress will be
located along the northern quadrant of the nation, set back
approximately 300 miles from the Canadian border. This
gives us a buffer zone of acceptable loss and provides us
the time we need to properly construct the LDP. Contrary
to popular demand, the Perimeter will not encompass the
coastal regions of America, as they are too disparate to be
effectively sealed off from the threat of outside

Article 1.4
Voting on these new budgetary demands must take place
immediately after all articles have been read aloud on the
floor of the House. In the event that it does not pass,
measures will be put into place which allow the executive
branch supreme veto powers in order to circumvent any
opposition to the construction of the Liberty Defense