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The P-1117 Kingfisher is a VTOL aircraft used by the British Army.


As the United States Armed Forces finally resolved the issues plaguing the UH-17 Atlas in 1937, a successor aircraft, the U/AV-17 Hawk was developed. With the revolutionary nature of the aircraft proving its worth, many European nations scrambled to create their own VTOL variant. Amongst these countries was the United Kingdom, whose outdated Air Force required major modernization in the face of Russian hostility. However, the country faced major setbacks when British aircraft designers failed to present acceptable aircrafts to the British Army.

Facing major consequences of being left behind, the United Kingdom negotiated with the Roosevelt Administration to utilize several previously discarded iterations as its template for their future VTOL. Eventually settling upon an older iteration of the Hawk, the United Kingdom formally adopted the P-117 Kingfisher as its VTOL variant and began mass-producing it, with several squadrons available by the start of the Chimeran War.

Similarly to the Hawk, the Kingfisher was equipped with the ability to carry tanks to the battlefield and, after deploying troops, can either provide tactical support from its .30 caliber door guns or its .50 caliber nose-mounted guns. Unlike its American counterpart however, the Kingfisher's bubble canopy meant that pilots were more exposed to enemy fire, as a result, losses were high amongst VTOL pilots during the opening phase of the Chimeran War.

Resistance: Fall of Man[]

The Intelligence Corps dispatched a Kingfisher to rescue Rachel Parker and Nathan Hale from a conversion center in Grimsby. Parker deployed further Kingfisher patrols to supervise British reinforcements in Manchester with explicit orders to avoid flying too close into the city due to a Stalker in the area. Until Hale helped the British in destroying the Stalker, Kingfishers were sent with with reinforcements and medical aid.


The British P-1117 Kingfisher is derived from an early iteration of the American U/AV-17. The Kingfisher is exceedingly able at inserting soldiers into combat situations. Unfortunately, the Chimera have responded to this ability with the Stalker AA platform. At present, all remaining Kingfishers are in the service of British Intelligence. They have been largely relegated to a role of aerial reconnaissance and combat coordination.

Resistance: Retribution[]

The P-1117 Kingfisher participated in Operation Overstrike, served in transporting British and the Maquis in Rotterdam. They also make appearances in other levels of the campaign, such as in the Maquis Fortress were they are used to evacuate refugees. These VTOLs can also be found destroyed throughout the game.

Resistance: Burning Skies[]

Concept art.

The P-1117 Kingfisher appears in Resistance: Burning Skies, being used by the U.S. Army. This is probably a mistake since the U.S. Army never used Kingfisher VTOLs and these VTOLs were only used and manufactured by the British.