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Private Osborne was a Black Ops soldier that appeared in Resistance 2. He was under the command of Major Richard Blake and part of X-Ray Squad during Operation Black Eden. As the explosive expert of his squad, he was in charge of demolitions, and it was likely that he helped supervise and maintain the fission bomb.

During the events of Black Eden, Osborne and his squad were ambushed by Chimeran forces, and were separated from the fission bomb. Unable to contact SRPA Command, Osborne and his unit were forced to seek shelter in the marshes of the city and they were presumed dead. However, shortly after the recovery of the fission bomb, Blake and X-Ray Squad narrowly saved Hale from an impending Chimeran convoy. Making their way through the sewers, Osborne and X-Ray quickly rendezvoused with Capelli, who had been carrying the fission bomb via a Hornet. The SRPA unit quickly launched an assault to seize a nearby Chimeran platform, intending to seize a Chimeran shuttle to infiltrate the Chimeran flagship.

Arriving in the flagship, the SRPA unit split up, with Capelli and Hale providing support, whilst the Black Ops unit took the bomb directly to the reactor core. Initially encountering little resistance, the Chimera soon became aware of their location, and X-Ray was quickly ambushed. Nearing the core, the unit was cut off from the Sentinels, and were ambushed by a Titan and Ravager patrol. Running out of ammo, Osborne and X-Ray were wiped out, with Lt. Hale discovering their corpses.