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Operation Viper Pit was a SRPA military operation in containing and preventing a Chimeran re-invasion of Britain.


Colonel Rachel Parker requested on additional SRPA support in Bracknell, England. This location was formerly one of the largest Chimeran bases of power, but all enemy presence were eradicated after the July 14th, 1951 victory in London. On December 14th, 1952, the Chimera retook Bracknell. It was believed the Chimera were amassing command forces in an attempt to launch a broader attack across all of England. British and European forces were occupied in the European front. If they should lose any of these fronts, Chimeran forces will converge and wipe out the remaining allied forces. Thus it became imperative for SRPA to hold off the Chimera in Bracknell and preventing them from regaining a foothold inside of England.[1]

Specter Team's persistence dealt the Chimera a serious blow within Bracknell, including inflicting severe losses for their command units and reinforcements. This forced the Chimera to diverting their forces from Northern France into Bracknell in an attempt to hold the area. While at the same time, European forces were engaging in Warsaw, Poland and attempting to destroying the city's hub tower, and the Chimera were starting to activate the tower network across Europe.[2]


By December 27th, the Chimeran threat in Bracknell was eighty percent contained. While the Chimera still has command units in the area, they had been unable to establish increased infrastructure or sufficient troop numbers to launch an offensive beyond Bracknell.

In addition to achieving a significant tactical victory, Specter Team secured several pieces of Gray Tech modules from within the area. Based on preliminary research at SRPA 7, the Gray Tech modules recovered from inside England contain distinctly different internal circuitry than those found in the United States and provided significant Grey Tech research in Project Prometheus.[3]


  • Viper Pit takes place about seventeen months after Nathan Hale entered the tunnel which lies beneath Bracknell and followed the underground power conduits all the way to London.