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Operation Crucible was a SRPA military operation committed by Specter Team with the objective of reclaiming Gray Tech components in Bryce Canyon and destabilizing the local Chimeran Tower network in the region.


Following the activation of the Chimeran tower in Bryce Canyon on May 15, 1953, the Chimera began heavily realigning their command forces to that area. Dr. Fyodor Malikov reported to SRPA that the area contained a large quantity of Gray Tech components, which was likely the main reason for Chimeran presence. Specter Team was dispatched in reclaiming control of Bryce Canyon and obtaining the Grey Tech components from falling into Chimeran possession.

Furthermore, Malikov revealed that the Chimera were using a widespread, interconnected series of nuclear reactors in the areas surrounding the local Chimeran hub tower. Given that the towers are connected to one another through a series of underground conduits, it is theorized that destroying the reactors surrounding the hub tower would create a chain reaction that will destroy all the connected towers; in which it is much similar to Nathan Hale's actions in the Battle of London.[1]


By June 1953, SRPA managed to contained Bryce Canyon with the destruction of the nuclear reactors which destabilized the surrounding towers. The reclamation of the Gray Tech components shown supporting evidences to conclude the that the components are meant to assemble a doomsday weapon, the so-called Prometheus Weapon, and therefore hindering Daedalus' efforts from constructing the weapon.[2][3]


  • Crucible takes place right between 1-3 weeks after Daedalus activated the Bryce Canyon tower and Nathan Hale rescued Dr. Malikov.