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Nottingham is a city and unitary authority in the East Midlands of England in the former ceremonial county of Nottinghamshire. It was attacked and occupied by the Chimera in October, 1950.

Resistance: Fall of Man[]

British Forces in Nottingham.

On July, 12th, 1951, just after the British Armed Forces in Manchester managed to repell Chimeran forces with the help of Sergeant Nathan Hale. The British Army were able to bring the convoy, which contained the Angel, back to Northern Command by VTOL.

Later that same day, The British Army prepared to launch an attack on Chimeran-occupied Nottingham. The British Army was able to seal the tunnel nexus, preventing the Chimera from digging the tower out of the ground.[1] Nathan Hale arrived in Nottingham and helped the British soldiers by breaking through the enemy line by using a maze of trenches to bypass several gun emplacements. Hale became the only survivor who made it to the mortar positions.[2]