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Northern Command was located in Cheshire, England and was where the 7th Intelligence Corps was stationed.


The chamber used for the captured Angel.

Northern Command mainly served as the intelligence division's headquarters containing classified materials gathered on the Chimera, and was where the captured Angel that was part of the Anglo-American military exchange, was placed after it was procured in Manchester. The facility also housed other captured Chimeran creatures including Gray Jacks that were held in specimen tubes. It also served the purpose of estimating death toll and survivors statistics throughout the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

Nathan Hale inside an office in Northern Command.

On July 13, 1951 at 3:34 AM Captain Rachel Parker and Sergeant Nathan Hale found Northern Command to be occupied by Chimeran forces, leaving very few survivors within the base. It is very likely that the captured Angel telepathically contacted the Chimera to its exact location in Northern Command, allowing the sudden attack to take place. When the Chimera invaded, they apparently turned it into their own research base. Menials were found by Hale to be using microscopes and chemicals. In one room they even performed surgery on Leapers.

After Hale fought through the Chimeran defenses, he made it to the Angel's chamber, where surviving British base personnel were still battling the Chimera for possession of the Angel. After eliminating the Chimera, Hale then executed the Angel as it tried to enter his mind. Thereafter Hale, Parker, and the handful of the base's surviving personnel escaped.


  • Northern Command is situated in the hamlet of Stamford Bridge, Cheshire next to the river Gowy.