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Norma Collins was a fifth grade geography teacher from Kokomo, Indiana who was captured and used by the Chimera as a quisling to translate and command captured humans.

Norma was with the Hybrids that captured Myra Walker and Henry Walker. When they stopped in a hotel to sleep after a Hybrid named "Shit-For-Brains" crashed the truck they were in. Collins chose a young woman for the Hybrids to eat. Later, Norma and the prisoners were to the Hasbro Mining pit near Madison, Wisconsin. There Collins chose humans to be converted by Spinners every three days, causing people to hate her because of her power.

On December 20th, 1951, the prisoners made a nearly successfully escape attempt from the pit and was stopped by the Chimera. Norma was severely punished for allowing the escape to go unnoticed under her in which she was carried on to a Chimeran shuttle which rose high up into the air and was pushed out. She instantly died when a piece of mining equipment broke her fall.


Norma Collins had short gray hair, haunted eyes and a pointed chin which all made her look like an elf. She also wore a metal collar which was buckled around her neck and attached to a chain which the Chimera held and lead her by.