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"Nix had balls."
Escobar's eulogy to Nix[src]

Nix was a slave captured by the Zenda Brothers Circus after the Invasion of the United States.

Like the other slaves, or "Donkeys" as they are sometimes referred to, Nix was captured by the Circus leaders Alfonso and his wife Leena by one of three methods: Losing to Leena in a midnight blackjack game, believing that Leena is dead and approaching her child before being taken out by Alfonso or believing that Alfonso and Leena's child is sick and getting captured when trying to offer aid. Nix fell for the third method, believing the child to be sick and later cursed: "damn the little bitch to hell". Nix and the other slaves were captured and used to pull the Zenda Brother's Wagon from town to town. Once they reach a town where Ringmaster Jack could gather an audience, the circus held shows where an unfortunate slave had a fight to the death with El Diablo a captured Steelhead. The Slave usually lost.

On October 14th, 1953 Nix was chosen as the unlucky slave to fight El Diablo. In front of a crowd of sixty in Hamley, Kansas, Nix put up a good fight against the hungry Chimera and looked like he was going to win when he climbed the pole that he was tethered to and jumped at the Steelhead. However the blade Nix was armed with bounced off El Diablo's collar and the Steelhead proceeded to crush Nix to death before consuming him.

Physical Description[]

Nix was described as a small man with sandy-coloured hair and even features, through the fight with El Diablo he showed some athletic ability by being able to climb up the pole that he was tethered to. Along with his physical description he also could do a good John Wayne impression.