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Nature of the Beast is the thirteenth chapter of Resistance 3.


Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov set off to New York by train. During the journey across the Appalachian Mountains Malikov admits to Capelli that he is responsible for many horrific things such as the Cloven and Daedalus. He also admits that there is not much chance of them succeeding in New York; however, he explains that the Chimera have a weakness: their hive mind. Malikov believes that this makes them predictable, however before he has much of a chance to explain their train is attacked by the Wardens led by Mick Cutler.

During the attack, a thunderstorm causes a stampede of feral Widowmakers to cross the train line and causing chaos, killing many Wardens and eventually derailing the train. Joseph and Malikov survives the crash but the former is trapped underneath a train wheel. Malikov tries to help Capelli, but is attacked and killed by Mick Cutler. Joseph is then subsequently taken prisoner by the Wardens.


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  • In the wastelands there are a few wrecked Chimeran airships in the scenery.
  • Sometimes in the tunnels, possibly due to a glitch, a Leaper will jump on the train and attack the player.