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Nate was a resident of Haven.

Sometime prior to 1957, Nate had either lived in or traveled to Haven, Oklahoma. Alongside other Haven residents, he lived underground and had experience with combating Chimeran Death Squads. A member of the bowling alley squad, he was assigned to the nearby bowling alley, where he and his team observed Death Squad patrols should they arrive in Haven.

On August 9, 1957, Chimeran Death Squads soon arrived into town. As part of his routine, Nate took his squad to the bowling alley, where they were joined by Lester and Joseph Capelli, who had recently finished training at the firing range. As the patrol passed the building, Nate slowly backed away, however, as he was doing so, he accidentally knocked over a bottle, drawing the attention of the nearby Death Squad. As Nate attempted to quieten the noise, he looked through the window to confirm that the Death Squad had not responded, but was subsequently pulled out of the window by a nearby Hybrid and violently killed by it.


  • He is the first character to be killed by Hybrids in Resistance 3.