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The Mutator is a improvised weapon in Resistance 3. It was created by Herbert Sawicki and designed to fire a weaponized strain of the Chimeran Virus extracted from rampant feral Leeches in Graterford Prison. The Mutator's primary fire shoots a globule causing bulbous cysts to appear on the enemy and mutating the enemy into a combustible land mine. Charging the Mutator causes faster infection of the victim. The secondary fire unleashes a diseased mist that disorients and infects large groups of enemies caught inside.

It is given by Herbert to Joseph Capelli in their attempt to escape from Graterford.


Tier Name Campaign Multiplayer
1 N/A R1 charges up and fires infectious projectiles. R2 releases a large, poisonous gas. Same
2 Puppet Master Transforms enemies into living bombs that target other enemies. Same
3 Fog of Death Releases a larger cloud of infectious fluid that inflicts more damage over a larger amount of time. Same.


  • Leeches are unaffected by the Mutator, as the weapon's ammo is derived from Leeches.
  • Upgraded Mutator Level 2 is a most effective weapon that turn enemies (except Leeches) into living-seeker bombs that move towards multiple targets
  • Aiming this weapon is in the same way as a grenade launcher.
  • The Mutator is perfect for slaughtering organic enemies close to each other, especially in tight spaces.
  • The secondary fire will cause Ravagers to stay in place, if not kill them. If they are stuck, the player has a big window of opportunity to take them down.
  • The Mutator is useless on mechanical Chimera on the flip side. Brawlers are also immune to this weapon, due to their weak spots (the multiple heat stacks) being mechanical in nature.


A biological projectile weapon that infects enemies with a modified strain of the Chimeran Virus. Overexposure causes a painful and violent death.

Press and hold R2 to charge up the weapon. Fires infectious biological projectiles.
When an enemy is overexposed, it grows a large, explosive pustule and falls to the
ground. The pustule can be detonated with another weapon, or it will explode on its
own after several seconds.
R1 - Releases a large, toxic cloud of infectious fluid. Enemies inside the cloud
become incapacitated until the cloud disperses.



  • The Mutator is made out of many scrap parts including a gas pump handle, a shotgun barrel, scrap metal, tape and a Chimeran canister.
  • Unlike many weapons in the Resistance series, the Mutator is not mass-produced. Herbert only made a few of these weapons.
  • The Mutator was originally called the Plague Thrower.
  • A chemicals-based weapon was originally planned for Resistance: Fall of Man but did not make the cut; some of its design elements like the handle are recycled in the Mutator.
  • Since the Mutator can produce some damage on enemies, it is possible to kill or finish Leeches with Mutator shots.