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The Mule is a homemade weapon featured in Resistance: Burning SkiesIt is a combination, or hybrid, of a crossbow and a double-barrel shotgun. It is primarily made by the Minutemen.


The Mule is a double-barrel shotgun with a strapped on crossbow. In the campaign, Tom Riley acquires the Mule after its previous owner Zach is killed by a Chimera.


  • Improved Reload - Fast reload.
  • Larger Explosion - Larger radius of explosion damage.
  • Thunder Bolt - Faster bolt with longer range.
  • Bolt Damage - Bolt damage increased.
  • All In - Fire both shots at once.
  • Improved Bolt Reload - Fast bolt reload.


  • The Mule is very effective weapon against several Leapers.
  • The Mule's secondary fire can deal with large group of Grims or any Chimeran at longer range.


Hank had an idea and I think it's worth passing around.
Lots of us already own weapons and will be able to get
more from the battlefield, when the time comes.

Anyone who has gunsmith, machinist, or metal worker
skills should work on existing weapons so as to
enhance accuracy, extend their range, and inflict more
damage. You could make better telescopic sights,
"hotter" ammo, or dum-dum bullets.

Maybe someone can improvise flame throwers, rocket
launchers, and mortars, even.

Remember to keep records of your experiments and
share your successors with other cells so they can be
replicated elsewhere.

Never give up, and never give in.
- Greg

Drag thumb down the Mule's barrel to cock the napalm
crossbow, then press R button to fire.