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Moxley was a Spokesman from the post-apocalyptic settlement of Pop-Up.

In January 1954, Pop-Up was visited by six New American Republic (N.A.R.) Regulators who wanted the community to be part of the ever growing American Empire which was ruled by Judge George Ramsey. The Pop-Up settlers were upset by the way the 'invitation' sounded like an order and declined when settler Harvey shot the N.A.R's messenger and his fellow Pop-Up citizens killed four of the remaining five regulators. A few days later on the 10th, neighbouring community Haven and remnants of the United States Army under the command of Captain Marvin Kawecki visited. Moxley greeted the visitors and was given a gift of 5,000 rounds of ammunition to share with fellow Pop-Up citizens. Moxley recounted the events that took place with the N.A.R. and upon realising that the Judge would probably retaliate agreed to join an alliance with Haven and the U.S. Army to destroy the Republic.

Pop-Up settlers did fight in the First Battle for Tunnel-Through which turned out to be a failure with an unknown amount of Pop-Up casualties.


Moxley had long, stringy hair, leathery skin and eyes that looked like chips of turquoise.