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Pvt. James Grayson maining a machine gun in Rotterdam.

The Mounted Machine-gun appears in many forms and is seen in almost every Resistance game.

The VTOLs that appear in the games are almost always armed with mounted machine guns on both sides of the aircraft. The LU-P LYNX, a British combat vehicle, is also equiped with a machine gun. This gun is used by Lt. Steven Cartwright during the levels in Cheddar Gorge and London in Resistance: Fall of Man. Mounted machine guns also appear on the M35 transport trucks in Resistance 2. In Resistance: Retribution, Pvt. James Grayson uses one to get past enemies coming out of a building in Rotterdam.


  • Strangely, even though all VTOLs are armed with a machine gun, in the opening cutscene of Resistance: Fall of Man a VTOL with a mounted minigun can be seen.
  • In the VTOL carrying the player to SRPA Station Igloo in the first mission of Resistance 2, Major Richard Blake calls it (the machine gun variant) a "cannon" when he orders Victor Two to man it.