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Monica Shaw was a technician that worked on the Hale Vaccine for the remnants of the United States government. In reality, she was secretly a double agent working for George Ramsey, the leader of the so-called New American Republic, who desired to crush the remnants of the U.S. government and apprehending the cache of Hale Vaccine once they were completed.

Monica, her husband Roger and their daughter Amy were living in Kansas City during the time of the invasion, they fled to Tulsa, Oklahoma when they were captured by Regulators working for Judge George Ramsey. The family were taken to Tunnel-Through and were 'invited' to work on the ammunition factory there in return for food, medicine and a room. Upon hearing the news that the United States Government was still operation under acting-President Thomas Voss, Monica was only forced into infiltrating Voss' administrationy after Ramsey had taken hostage of her husband and their daughter hostage, and was threatening to kill them. When the Hale Vaccines were finally complete, she informed Ramsey. But, Monica chose to told Cassandra Aklin, the current Chief of Staff, about the attack, helping the federal government to flee the base.

Monica was killed en route to the next base, when a Howler jumped on her and ripped out her throat.


  • Monica is described to have dark brown hair and an upturned nose.