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Operation: Wrath of God


The Chimeran command forces are in disarray throughout Iceland. Daedalus appears
to have abandoned pursuit of the Prometheus Weapon. His flagship was spotted
moving south on a trajectory that intersects Chicxulub crater. Specter Team has
delivered a stinging defeat to Daedalus, and has delayed the Chimeran plans at the
Chicxulub crater.

Daedalus' abortive efforts to complete the Prometheus Weapon have afforded us the
time we need to complete our prototype fission bomb at SRPA NT. Sentinel
operation Black Eden is ready to execute. Major Blake is transporting the fission device
to a field camp set up inside Louisiana. From there our fate will lie in the hands of the
men who make it onto the enemy flagship. General MacArthur has announced he will
award each member of Specter Team the Silver Star for their bravery and selflessness
in defense of their country.