Resistance Wiki

Operation: Crucible


Specter Team has successfully contained the Chimeran threat in Bryce Canyon. Enemy
command units have sustained heavy casualties, and SRPA forces are rapidly
recovering gray tech from the area. Researchers at SRPA 11 have sketched out
schematics for what they believe may have been the original Prometheus Weapon.
Although we are still far from being able to construct it, the large quantities of gray
tech recovered from the Chimera should greatly hinder Daedalus' ability to construct
the weapon.

Dr. Malikov's theory of the underground conduit network between the towers appears to
have been correct. The reactors destroyed by Specter Team have been causing a
series of chain reactions that have begun to destabilize the surrounding towers.
Recently unearthed Chimeran towers in Grand Junction, Colorado and Marble Canyon,
Arizona have gone dark as a result of the power surges in the Bryce Canyon reactors.
Although the Chimera are continuing to unearth and activate more towers, we may
now have an effective counterattack.