Resistance Wiki

Operation: Allied Shield


SRPA analysts estimate that Specter Team has largely contained Chimeran threat
in Axbridge. They report that British and allied European forces have reclaimed several
key Chimeran towers on the continent. The Chimeran strategy of diverting British
forces seem to have backfired, as many Chimeran command units were killed by
Specter inside Axbridge. This left the continental towers poorly defended and open for
attack for Allied forces.

Colonel Parker has provided SRPA with data about the gray tech recovered from
towers in Bonn, Gerolstein, Paris, and Prague, including intel gathered by mercenary
James Grayson while attached to the Maquis, but under SRPA contract. The data
seems to corroborate Dr. Feynman's theory that the gray tech has been left
intentionally, as if it were a puzzle we were meant to solve. We will continue to work with
Colonel Parker, British Intelligence, and Maquis command, to share data on the
locations and assembly of gray tech components.