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The Minutemen was an American militia group, comprising of men and women that fought against the Chimera during their invasion of the United States. They only appear in Resistance: Burning Skies.


After the Chimera began their invasion in 1949, the United States government enacted a tight censorship on information coming from overseas, communication blackouts, and sealing the American borders from allowing the American public into becoming aware of the alien threat.

In response to the censors, certain concerned American civilians discreetly investigated the government cover-ups and subsequently discovering the existence of the Chimera. In response, these civilians trained themselves in preparing the day when the Chimera would invade America, and forming a network of resistance fighters that called themselves the Minutemen. Their training came to fruition when the Chimera inevitably invaded New York City on August 14th, 1951.

Resistance: Burning Skies

During the beginning of the Chimeran invasion, Minuteman leader Ellie Martinez led a small group of Minutemen into defending Staten Island. With the aid of firefighter Tom Riley, the Minutemen managed to defend the evacuation zone long enough for some civilians to escape the city. However, Ellie and Tom were separated from the Minutemen, when an Executioner ambushed them.

Ellie and Riley eventually regrouped with the Minutemen, and were given a ride to Kali Station on Ellis Island. Ellie later temporarily left Mac in charge of the Minutemen after she and Riley infiltrated the Conversion Tower and rescue surviving human prisoners.

The Minutemen severed their ties to the U.S. government and any type of authority once they were aware of the government's intentions of following Richard Gorrell's original designs for Gray Tech technology.

Known Minutemen

Name Gender Description Current Status
Alfie Male Received a note from Tom. Unknown.
David Henry Male Member who wrote a note of the M5A2 Folsom Carbine. Unknown.
Ellie Martinez Female Leader of the Minutemen. Alive.
Frank Male Made a note for Larry. Unknown.
George Male Wrote down the note about "Patrol" Drones. Unknown.
Greg Male Friend of Hank. Unknown.
Hank Male Improvised weapons expert. Unknown.
Kelvin Male Friend of Mack. Deceased. Killed and presumably devoured by Leapers.
Larry Male Friend of Frank. Deceased. Shot in the head by the Chimera.
Leroy F. Male Gave a describtion of the Executioner. Unknown.
Lester S. Male Gave a describtion on how to fight against Steelheads. Unknown.
Luke Male Saw a giant Chimera and called it "the Abomination". Unknown.
Longgun Male Wrote down the note about "Grunt" Hybrids. Unknown.
Mac Male Second-in-command of the Minutemen. Alive.
Mack Male Friend of Kelvin Unknown.
Nancy Female Shot down three drones. Unknown.
Red Ryder Male Described the Impaler. Unknown.
Ruby Male Described the Scout Hybrid. Unknown.
Sammy Male Wrote a note about Longlegs. Unknown.
Tom Male Took out half dozen enemies with his fellow Minutemen and captured several Bullseyes. Unknown.
Tom Riley Male NYFD Firefighter of Engine 174 who joined the Minutmen. Main protagonist of R:BS. Alive.
Zach Male Owner of The Hostler. Deceased. Shot in the chest by a Hybrid.



  • The Minutemen are named after the militia groups of the same name composing of select men from the American colonial partisan militia during the American Revolutionary War. They provided a highly mobile, rapidly deployed force that allowed the colonies to respond immediately to war threats, hence the name.