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Logo of the MDC.

The Military Defense Commission (MDC) was a weapons development and research organization created by the United European Defense in May, 1939. The primary goal of the MDC was in response to scarce intelligence on the existence of the Chimera.


Founded in 1939, the MDC was centered in Luxembourg and its memberships includes prominent European scientists such as Albert Einstein. Due to discoveries made surrounding the Chimera, many European scientists chose to stay on the continent rather than move to the United States.[1] The MDC was responsible for analysing and collating intelligence about the Chimera, while developing weapons to counter them, such as the L23 Fareye and Longbow 1S-1K.

The MDC had continued to exist during the Chimeran War after the Fall of Europe, in which the Commission was located within the Maquis' Luxembourg fortress. Dr. Claude Bouchard, a member of the MDC, and his daughter Raine became close to a breakthrough in stalling the Chimeran conversion process by developing a virus that eradicate the Carrier strain, thus grounding Chimeran conversion centers to a halt.