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Michael "Mike" Unver was a Sentinel who appears in Resistance: The Gathering Storm and Resistance: A Hole in the Sky.

Before the Chimeran invasion of the U.S. Unver was a high school science teacher and later enrolled into the United States Army as a Private; in which he then participated Project Abraham and becoming a Sentinel.

As a Sentinel, Unver participated in a Search and Recovery operation in Bear Butte on November 16th, 1951. During the battle Lt. Nathan Hale ordered Unver to protect Captain Anton Nash. Unver, who was eager to impress did it the first thing, obeyed every order Nash gave him. Nash told Unver to protect the outside of the crashed shuttle to make sure no Chimera came through. But while sucking on his I-Gas, Unver was attacked from behind by a Chameleon who slashed his abdomen but managed to survive his wounds. He was discovered by Hale, who then ordered for two men to carry him back to a VTOL for a medic to see his wounds. He survived that battle before retiring from the army and moving to Haven, Oklahoma.

When Joseph Capelli arrived in Haven in 1953, Unver went on hunting with him. It is unsure whether Unver participated in the First Battle of Tunnel-Through, but if he did he survived. He joined Capelli on a mission to lead the Chimera at Blackwell to Tunnel-Through and let the Chimera destroy it and kill Judge George Ramsey. But while they were luring the Chimera they were caught in a firefight. They won the short battle; however, the victory didn't last long as a contingent of ten Stalkers appeared over a hill in which Unver was then killed by a Stalker's missile.


  • Beside Capelli, Unver was among of several Sentinels who been cure with the Hale Vaccine and no longer needs Inhibitor treatment.