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Level 30 Medic

The Medic class units are the medics of Specter Team with the special ability of draining life from enemies by using the XR-42 Phoenix, as an iconic default weapon, and impart it to the other injured teammates.


Weapons Unlock Lvl.
XR-42 Phoenix 1
M5A2 Folsom Carbine 2
Rossmore 238 Combat Shotgun 10
HE .44 Magnum 18
V7 Splicer 28
Hedgehog Grenade 1
Air Fuel Grenade 12

Equipment and Upgrades

Equipments and Upgrades Unlock Lvl. Description
Kinetic Gloves 6 Faster reload on all weapons.
High Density Bioplasm Chamber 8 Allows the Phoenix to store more bioplasm energy. This results in more secondary fire shots that can heal allies.
Bioplasm Tracking Tech 14 Upgrade to the Phoenix allows its healing bioplasm projectiles to better track toward allied targets.
Assault Pack 16 Increases the number of ammunition clips and grenades.
Bio-amp Scope 22 Increases the aiming range of the Phoenix and also broadens the range of healing effects for the secondary fire.
Voltaic Body Armor 24 Armor absorbs incoming damage and converts it into voltage that charges the Phoenix's bioplasm energy.
Leech Barrel 26 Increases the Phoenix's range and its damage to enemies.
Psychokinetic Helmet 30 Increases the durations of the medic's berserks.


Berserk Unlock Lvl. Description
Ring of Life 1 Provides healing regeneration in an area. Place them strategically to help fortify a position.
Chloroform 4 During the berserk, the Phoenix's beam paralyze any enemy it touches. While paralyzed, enemies take damage over time and cannot move from where they are. This damage is converted to energy in the Phoenix.
Phoenix Ash 12 When the berserk is attained, the medic may revive himself when next incapacitated. If this berserk is not used when incapacitated and the medic is not revived by someone else, the berserk will be lost.



  • The ribbon "Ashes to Ashes" is only earned from playing as a Medic.

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