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Sergeant McIntyre was a British squad leader during the events of Resistance Fall of Man.

Stationed in Lancaster during the Chimeran invasion of the United Kingdom, on July 7th, 1951, Sgt. McIntyre and his squad had discovered a group of Cloven lurking around Lancaster. Curious and concerned over the presence of the Cloven, Sgt. McIntyre decided to follow a group of them. Viewing them from afar, he observed that the Cloven group had suddenly decided to attack Chimeran forces, this included harassing Stalker patrols. As a result of this, McIntyre and his squad noted the peculiar behavior as most Cloven tended to avoid contact with the Chimera at all costs.

Now ever more intrigued, McIntyre decided to observe them more closely and led his squad to follow the Cloven forces. By July 11th, he and his squad arrived in York and discovered that Chimeran forces had completely surrounded the city, having been lured by the Cloven in anticipation to Operation Deliverance. Perturbed over the Cloven's sudden inaction, Sgt. McIntyre nevertheless ordered his squad to fall back.

However, before they could do so, Sgt. McIntyre and his squad had been ambushed and captured by Chimeran forces. Taken to Grimsby for conversion, he quickly rallied his captured squad and they escaped the holding pens looking for a way out of the facility. Unfortunately, during that time, McIntyre and his squad were killed when Chimeran forces discovered their escape.

The corpses of Sgt. McIntyre and his squad were eventually discovered by Sgt. Nathan Hale, who had also similarly escaped conversion. The Intel Document "York Set Up", was also discovered near their bodies.