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The Mauler is a Chimeran chaingun that appears in Resistance: Burning Skies. It is the counterpart of the Brute Minigun and HVAP Wraith. It's the last weapon to be obtained in the fourth chapter of Ellis Island, where Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez escape from SRPA Station Kali.


The Mauler underwent several changes during the development of Burning Skies. Originally known as the "Chimeran Chaingun", it had a very different look. Additionally, it had a reload animation, something that the final version lacks. Unlike the HVAP Wraith from Resistance 2, the Mauler lacks the ability to enter ADS. However, it can still be zoomed in, shrinking the reticle. Despite the Mauler's large size, it doesn't affect sprinting speed.

Like all weapons in Burning Skies, the Mauler features a secondary fire mode. Swiping down on the PlayStation Vita's touchscreen will charge a powerful blast. This blast uses no ammo, and only takes about six seconds to charge (4 if possessing the Heat upgrade).


  • Long Shot - Greater effective range.
  • Lightweight - reduce encumbrance.
  • Precision - Reduce primary fire spread.
  • Overcharge - Increased rate of fire.
  • Supercharged - Larger heat blast.
  • Heat - Faster heat generation.


  • The Mauler is an extremely effective weapon against large groups of Chimera.
  • In multiplayer, you can unlock the mauler fairly early on (level 25). ts secondary fire is very useful, due to it not requiring any ammo.


Got a new one for you... Hank calls it the "Mauler."
And once you turn it loose you'll see why.

Here's the read out. You can fire it two ways. The
primary sends a whole lot of projectiles down range--
and the secondary allows you to store heat and direct it
at a target. And we all know how much the freaks like

The secondary isn't any good against long range
targets--but it's a very good option when the stinks get
up close and personal.

Never give up, and never give up.
- Greg

Drag thumb down the barrel to switch to exhaust mode,
then press R Button to fire.



  • The Mauler is structurally similar to the Wraith and Brute Minigun, but its secondary fire is unique to itself.
  • The Mauler was originally known as the "Chimeran Chaingun."