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Sergeant Mathison was a Black Ops soldier that was assigned to Victor Company and took part in SRPA's failed attack on the New York Tower after the events of Operation Black Eden.


Mathison's VTOL was shot down in Central Park, where he and several other soldiers from his and another unit, Oscar Company, survived the initial battle.[1]

A day after the failed attack the Chimera started to look for any survivors[2], forcing Mathison and the others to make their way into the subways. However, they discovered it was infested with Grims and other feral strains, with four soldiers killed as a result.[3]

Six days later, Mathison became the sole survivor of his group. Trapped by the Chimera, he made his last stand in a sniper's nest in Washington Square. Armed with a sniper rifle with six remaining bullets, and one hand grenade, Mathison engaged the Chimera and was killed.[4]


  • Despite Mathison narrating that four soldiers died in the subway, corpses of five soldiers can be found instead.