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Martin Lewis was a toady for Judge George Ramsey's New American Republic.

Lewis had been a rancher before the Chimeran Invasion of the United States. However, he decided to join the N.A.R. and live in Tunnel-Through's train tunnel in Oklahoma.

As a toady, Lewis was very supportive of the Judge cherring and applauding his victory speeches. He remained in Tunnel-Through when Judge Ramsey and the Regulators went to destroy President Thomas Voss' Freedom Base in the Ozark National Forest, Arkansas. Upon the Judge's return, Lewis was there to cheer him on. After the speech, Roger Shaw approached him asking for whereabouts of Shaw's wife, Monica. Lewis had the status to ask the Judge himself and so provided Shaw with the favour. When the Judge asked for the Shaws banishment from Tunnel-Through, Lewis forcefully removed Roger and three-year old Amy Shaw, leaving them outside with a clasp knife and the clothes on their backs.

It is unknown whether Lewis was involved in the first and second Battles for Tunnel-Through.