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Martin was a member of the Remnants in St. Louis.

Resistance 3[]

Having been chased by Chimeran dropships, the Remnants' VTOL suffered heavy engine damage. Narrowly avoiding a major crash-landing in St. Louis, the Remnants trio were quickly pinned down by Chimeran forces as the firefight escalated. As Charlie and the other Remnants were already pre-occupied fighting off a Stalker, they were unable to reinforce the VTOL crew, fortunately, Joseph Capelli, who had seen the VTOL crash-landing earlier, arrived to reinforce the outnumbered Remnants and quickly eliminating the Chimeran forces that had been occupying the rooftops.

As the VTOL crew quickly thanked Capelli for his efforts, a Chimeran counterattack, initially led by a Ravager disrupted the proceedings, however, the Capelli and the Remnants were able to make short work of the initial counter-attack. Despite this failure, the Chimeran forces regrouped and launched another major counter-attack. This forced the Remnants back into the bar where they held off waves of Chimeran forces attempting to breach the stronghold. Thanks once again to the efforts of Capelli, the Remnants were able to eliminate this final counter-attack force, yet despite the brief reprieve, Chimeran dropships began launching attacks on the crew, forcing them to abandon the VTOL and retreat to the sewers.

Making their way through the sewers, the crew arrived at the Post Office, where Chimeran forces lay an ambush with a Brawler to eliminate the team. Despite their best efforts, the Chimera were quickly wiped out, with Capelli having killed the Brawler single-handedly. Escaping the Post Office, the Remnants finally made it to the safe-house, where Martin witnessed Charlie and Capelli making a deal.

Alongside the entirety of the Remnants, Martin participated in the group's largely disastrous plan to secure a power core for their VTOL. As Chimeran reinforcements unexpectedly began arriving, Martin was quickly killed when Hybrids stormed his position, with Glenda narrowly surviving.