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Manchester is a city and metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, England.

Pre-Resistance: Retribution[]

On May 15th 1951, Lieutanant James Grayson and his British Squad raided the conversion center where his brother, Johnny Grayson was hekd captive by the Chimera. when they arrived Johny was already infected by the Chimeran Virus, forcing James to kill his own brother. The death of his brother caused him to have an emotional breakdown, abandoning his unit and seeking revenge on Chimeran forces for the death of his brother. He also destroys 26 conversion centers across England before he gets been captured by his own forces.

Resistance: Fall of Man[]

A map of Manchester.

On July 12th, After Sergeant Nathan Hale and Captain Rachel Parker manage to escape from the conversion center in Grimsby by VTOL. Hale arrives in Manchester and joins the British Armed Forces to repel the Chimeran forces, assisting the British soldiers to protect the convoy which contained the captured Angel inside the cargo.

After the Battle of Manchester the city was left in ruins. Some parts of the city were completely destroyed by Chimeran Mortars.