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The MP-47 Pulse Cannon is an energy weapon found in Resistance 2, and possibly reverse-engineered from Chimeran technology. The Pulse Cannon, like most weapons in the game, has a primary and alternate fire. The primary fire is a long range ion beam while its secondary fire launches a short-range concussive blast capable of shredding weaker enemies.

The Pulse Cannon is one of the rarest and powerful weapon in the game, Along with the L210 LAARK, Auger and Marksman.

The Pulse Cannon is the single most powerful weapon so far encountered in Resistance, but it's slow rate of fire and accuracy make it a hard weapon to use. The Pulse Cannon is only usable in Multiplayer in the form of a Berserk.


Single Player[]

Using the Pulse Cannon against the Kraken in Resistance 2.

  • The Pulse Cannon is first found in SRPA 3.
  • The Pulse Cannon is useful when dealing with Titans. However, it is also risky due to it's low rate of fire.
  • When picked up, and immediately after firing, the player can't switch weapons until it has charged up again, leaving you vulnerable.
  • The Pulse Cannon is usually found in areas just before a boss. First, it's used to kill the Kraken in San Francisco. Secondly, it is used for eliminating The Swarm. The Pulse Cannon is also useful (but not really recommended) for dealing with more common enemies in large numbers, which kills normal enemies in one hit; however, it should only be used for killing normal enemies when they are a priority target.


  • The Pulse Cannon can only be used by the Special Ops class, and they unlock it at level 12. It isn't a secondary weapon though, like the LAARK as it takes shape as a Berserk called Snake Eyes. This essentially means the Spec Ops has three weapons, and this Berserk should be equipped at all times.


  • As with the cooperative way of using this weapon, the Pulse Cannon is available from the Snake Eyes Berserk. This can be unlocked at the same time as the L210 LAARK at level 15, but it can only be used by Chimera.


Originally designed by Dr. Howard Nash at Station Genesis, the weapon was engineered as a means of splitting rock with powerful beams of ion energy. During its engineered first live trial, a miscalculation on Nash's part caused a massive blast that injured 36 military contractors. The cannon was repurposed as an offensive weapon and green lit for active use in 1953.



  • Nathan Hale's psycokinetic blast obtained in Chicxulub is based on the Pulse Cannon's secondary fire.
  • When Resistance 2 was first released the Pulse Cannon in co-operative had two primary shots. This can still be used if the player deletes the games patches.