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Leeches are a strain of Chimera that serve as suicide bombers. The term has been used to describe both a unique strain only seen in Resistance 2 and a malformed subspecies of the Grim in Resistance 3.


Leeches pulse with highly toxic and explosive blood. Their sole purpose is to kill their prey by rushing at them in a suicidal run and self-explode on contact. Their thin hides make them easy to take down with any standard firearm; however, they can sprint across great distances at a rapid pace, which makes shooting them at close range a deadly proposition. Another way to know a Leech is nearby, is their high pitched roar which sounds similar to the sound of a jet engine but in Resistance 3, the Leech's roar is also high pitched similar to the Grim.

Leeches may be created in the same manner as Grims, as they lack a cooling unit (although they aren't designed to be permanent soldiers anyway); however, because of their explosive volatility it is unknown how they were made.

Resistance 2[]

Leeches appear with a hunchback like body, eyeless and with dark skin. They first appeared in Chicago during SRPA's assault on Michigan Avenue. They later made some minor appearances in Holar Tower.


  • It's best to keep a long distance from Leeches as they will explode in close proximity to their enemy. After exploding, it will create some amount of smoke which could blind the player for a moment.
  • Long-range weapons, such as the Marksman or the M5A2 Folsom Carbine, is best recommend in killing Leeches, as few long-range shots will cause a Leech to detonate.
  • Once a Leech detonates it will create a large fog around it, giving enemies the chance to move in closer to the player. Once you notice a Leech it is advisable to kill it immediately because if it gets too close and explodes you will be hurt and unable to see enemies allowing them to finish you off easily.
  • The Leech can become a living grenade if the player is able to kill it while it is around other Chimeran strains. An example of this being useful is during the Holar Tower mission; just before Warner reports that he has found Daedelus, the player will be ambushed by Ravagers , Advanced Hybrids and Leeches. Shooting a Leech when it is near its Chimeran allies will kill many of the Advanced Hybrids and possibly a Ravager.

Resistance 3[]

Leeches first appear in the chapter Savior, shortly after Fyodor Malikov and Jean Rose sent Joseph Capelli into the ruins of Mount Pleasant to search for Jonathan Rose. They are functionally the same Chimera as in Resistance 2, but instead of being a distinct strain characterized by dark colored skin and no eyes, they are diseased Grims that have reddish green cysts covering their upper body, and their explosion seems to have a smaller blast radius. When they spot a enemy, these cysts begins pulsating, growing in size, and as they charge at the enemy they begin to foam at the mouth. During this charge if a Leech is damaged enough its cysts will detonate prematurely, killing it and damaging anything in close proximity to it, but if shot in the legs it will collapse to the ground. A Leech that has collapsed will die, but rather than explode the cysts will overwhelm it, proliferating across its entire body and turning it into a biological land mine. Otherwise, upon reaching a enemy these cysts will detonate, exploding the Leech and briefly producing a cloud of gas. This gas can infect enemies in close proximity to the Leech, killing them and then turning them into a biological land mine, similar to a Leech that fails to detonate.


Two Leeches, one of which is injured and covered in cysts.

  • Try to pick off Leeches from a distance, as the explosion they cause can be deadly.
  • When a Leech dies, take the opportunity to shoot the final cyst it produces to kill any other enemies around it. This method can save ammo and health.
  • Because the Mutator's ammo is made with tissue samples from Leeches, it has no affect on them, making the weapon useless against these creatures.
  • If they get close, the Rossmore or Magnum are ideal in quickly killing Leeches.
  • The Atomizer, Cryogun and Wildfire are also recommended.
  • Curiously, melee attacking a charging Leech will cause it to step backwards, before exploding a safe distance from the player. Use this to your advantage, though it isn't recommended due to the close proximity the Leech has to be to you for you to hit it.
  • Leeches almost always attack in groups, so try not to let them get very close, or else you will get swarmed.
  • Melee is not very effective against Leeches, but a well timed Sledgehammer swing can kill a Leech without detonating it, however this is difficult to do and ill advised against large numbers of them.
  • Using the Bullseye or carbine on the Leeches' legs to make it grow into crystal and shoot it until it explodes. 25 Leeches that are used only in this way grant the Death Coach trophy.
  • Just before a Leech starts it's suicide dash, it will start shrieking. This can allow the player to react in time and save himself/herself, if they are unaware of a Leech's presence.
  • Like Grims, sleeping Leeches can sometimes be encountered. They will become hostile when either approached or attacked.

Enemy Journal[]

A Leech is a malformed, diseased Grim. These crazed, feral organisms will attempt to
rush their targets and explodes on contact. When it is mortally wounded from a
distance, it will fall to the ground and grow one final death pustule. Shooting its final
death pustule will cause a small explosion, damaging anything in the vicinity.

Primary Attack

Survival Tip: Kill it from a distance, then wait for other enemies to walk near it before
detonating it.

Frost Leeches[]

These special Leeches appear in the Resistance 3 Brutality Pack DLC. They have a white misty haze to their cysts, more of a light white colour and when detonated they freeze other enemies around them.



  • The Leech has the same basic function as the Boilers or Hags from Resistance: Retribution, as they run and explode on contact.
  • The Leech skin in Competitive in both Resistance 2 as well as Resistance 3 is the rarest skin, due to the fact that in both games it is the last skin the player will unlock.

Resistance 2[]

  • The Leech multiplayer skin can be unlocked by reaching level 30 in Online Competitive Mode - albeit without it's explosive volatility, unless you decide to use the overload berserk, which has the same effect.

Resistance 3[]

  • Detonating 25 Leeches on the ground achieve the "Corpse Wagon" trophy.
  • The Leeches in Resistance 3 were originally and apparently to be slightly updated from their appearance in Resistance 2, as confirmed in the Chimera concept art; however, for unknown reasons, they were changed to have a more Grim-like appearance.
  • The Leech can be killed by using the Mutator when shot multiple times, because while its main effect is to infect targets the Mutator's projectiles still deal limited damage.