Leaper Pods are formed when a Crawler cannot find a suitable host, and instead feeds and spins a protective cocoon around itself. Within this pod the Crawler will slowly metamorphose into a Leaper and afterwards serve as a living biological landmine.

Resistance: Fall of ManEdit

Leaper Pods in Resistance: Fall of Man almost always contain Leapers, which will hatch when the player approaches; they normally pulsate slowly, but when approached quickly will begin to pulsate rapidly, the Leapers inside exiting with a jump towards the player's position in order to attack. According to the intel documents, the pods are spun by Crawlers but are moved to suitable locations by another strain, with Widowmakers theorized to be the strain responsible.

Strategy Edit

  • Leaper Pods are immune to most standard weapons, but are vulnerable to explosive weapons, particularly the Air Fuel Grenade.
  • On a second playthrough, the Dragon flamethrower is devastating against them.
  • The same can be said of the LAARK rocket launcher.
  • If the player is detected, immediately start retreating and spray the Leapers with a Bullseye.
  • It's best to keep the Rossmore while moving in areas infested with Leaper Pod. Once hatched, Leapers tend to jump at the same spot towards the player, allowing most if not all, to be slaughtered.

Resistance 2Edit

Within Resistance 2, Leaper Pods make minor cameos such as in levels as Twin Falls, Idaho. It is presumed that the newly acquired Spinners, now create the leaper pods since they also make similar pods with Grims inside.

Resistance: RetributionEdit

Leaper Pods once again make a an appearance. Like in Fall of Man, they are found in Burrower tunnels. Again, they are indestructible to most weapons, except for explosives. Some skill points require them to be destroyed before Leapers can hatch.

Resistance 3Edit

Leaper Pods in Resistance 3 seldom hatch, and in line with the evolved feral Leapers have changed significantly. A Leaper Pod is now a sprawling mess composed of multiple pulsating chambers each of which can hatch its own Leaper. It is unclear how they are now formed, since the Crawler strain does not appear to be in common use; given the Feral status of Leapers, it is possible the mutant strain's young mature from Crawlers to Leapers within their pods before exiting as adults.

Leaper Pods in this game are vulnerable to most standard gunfire, though they seem to have unreliable hit detection and often will not take damage. It is unnecessary to destroy them, due to most being empty.