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Larry Farnsworth served as the Secretary of the Interior under the Noah Grace Administration.


Farnsworth and his department was responsible for overseeing the thousands of displaced American refugees that were driven away from their homes by the Chimera during the early phase of the Chimeran invasion of the United States, and the Protection Camps which they provide shelter for the refugees.

However, his handling of the refugees was very unsatisfactory as the camps were strict and regimental, forcing some refugees to rebel and turn away and resettle into shantytowns that were growing up around larger cities, which Farnsworth decried them as "breeding grounds for crime and disease." Farnsworth shared his regards over the shantytowns during a cabinet meeting and called for more needed, scrutinized security over the Protection Camps.

Farnsworth was one of Grace's cabinet members to supported the option of negotiating with the Chimera for peace under Project Omega. But following after the failure of Omega and Grace's subsequent death at the hands of Nathan Hale, it is unknown whether Farnsworth remained under Grace's successor Harvey McCullen or ousted from his cabinet.


  • Larry Farnsworth is noted to wore a carefully brushed shoulder-length hair, which at a time when most men normally their hairs short. He possess a prominent handlebar mustache which it was impossible to see his lips.