The L210 LAARK is a new and improved version of the L209 LAARK that was developed by SRPA Research and Development in 1951. The LARRK has similar functions as its predecessor with the exception of its secondary fire which replaces the Air Brake function and employs a "shredder" device in which it fires a large number of mini rockets capable of reaching a fortified area. The secondary fire is also useful in ensuring crowd clearing situations.


Single PlayerEdit

  • The LAARK is first found in a barrack in SRPA Station Igloo.
  • The LAARK is suited against the more heavier Chimeran units, such as Attack Drones, Goliaths, Stalkers and Titans.


  • The Soldier class can unlock the LAARK as a secondary weapon, which is a formidable asset to any team wishing to try and complete their objective. Although the Soldier must lose his protective shield while using the LAARK, the damage potential more than makes up for it.


  • The LAARK is only accessible in Competitive multiplayer once level 15 has been achieved. Upon attaining this level, a Berserk will be unlocked which can only be used by Humans and this will grant access to the LAARK.


The L210 LAARK improved since its design was acquired by SRPA Research and Development in 1951. Increased range and accuracy has made it a formidable weapon against Stalker, Goliaths, and other heavy vehicles. A special modification fires dozen of explosive shredders capable of reaching fortified area.


  • The L210 LAARK is closely resembled to L209 LAARK .

Single PlayerEdit

  • Near the end of the Chicago level in the campaign, Nathan Hale fights against the Leviathan with the L210 LAARK. It takes seven rockets to kill it.


  • The L210 LAARK is a highly effective weapon and it is capable enough to kill a group of hybrids in one shot if you aim in the right spot.
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